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Monday, April 4, 2011

Dancing Pony Gorgeous Flames Insomnia Labrinth Demo

Dancing Pony Gorgeous Flame Insomnia Labrinth Demo is a side-scrolling game where you play as dash. The music featured in this game is Fluttershy's Lullaby Eurobeat Remix and Giggle at the Ghostie Eurobeat Remix.

The game's controls are simple, Left Arrow to move left, Right Arrow to move right, Up Arrow to move up, Down arrow to move down, Space to fire energy beams, and 'X' to use a one-per-level bomb.

This game has three levels, two normal levels and a boss. In the levels, the goal is to last through the waves of Parasprites, you can destroy the Purple and Gold ones with your energy shots, but the red and blue ones will duplicate when shot.

This totally made me think of Touhou

The boss is a giant parasprite that can spawn more red parasprites, and is a PAIN IN THE BUTT to destroy. You start out with 3 lives, and can run into more in game, alone with a double shot power-up that allows you to shoot two bullets at once instead of one.

There is no specific plot, though I'd assume Rainbow Dash is trying to save Ponyville from a parasprite invasion or something like that.

The game is pretty epic looking, but very short. The graphics and gameplay are pretty good, except for the major lag that seems to activate in the second level because of the rain effect. The lack of a real story behind it is also disappointing. This game gets:


  1. Oops, i found out how to play these demos now, you click the title, sorry.

  2. Grr I HATE Yoyo games!!! >:( I try to get the stupid plugin and it DOESN'T WORK!!! D:< D:< D:< SOMEONE BUCKING PUT IT SOMEWHERE ELSE! D:< >:( >:[ How hard is that? >:[

    1. Sorry about that. >_> I discovered that there is a way to download them instead of having to use the plugin. :) And apparently yo yo games is part of game maker. :P This game looks amazing, I'm gonna go try it now if I can get the yo yo download. :P

  3. All that intentionally bad spelling was aggravating. But I loved the "Poneo Geo." That was clever since the Neo Geo was a console known for its shmups.