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Monday, May 30, 2011

MLP:FiM Flash-Sandbox Game Video Update

A while ago, a small video demo of a Pony Game Creator popped up and people got really excited, but it quickly died down and was never heard from again. Now, a while later later, it's risen back from the dead. Emily Taylor, creator of the Custom Pony Game, and PonyPonyPonyPony, and her team have been slaving away on this game, and it's looking marvelous so far.

If you are interested in helping out, submit your resume or some other things you've worked on to Postmaster@Derpyhooves.com

An older Progress video

A short play-though of the game so far (Pretty outdated)

The game is being made in Flash, and will consist of an actual game game, and an open game creating source engine when completed, though the engine will be released after the game. Many things, such as platforms, backgrounds, multiple characters, and movement have already been developed, but the team is still looking for people to help!

The original video, posted March 9th


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  2. Ok, let's see: We (the fanbase) have fanart; fanfics; fan-made toys; MLP-based music, themes, remixes; fan-vídeos; web-pages (equestria, wiki, "booru", a "chan", derpyhooves.com, etc); desktop apps and viruses; celestia radio online and videogames... I'm astonished.

  3. You can even play as Angel? LOL!

  4. Wow i wish I could play

  5. whats the program you used to make the music?
    and the program everyone just called flash?
    is it adobe flash maker?
    or something else?

    1. For the music it seems to be FruityLoops Studios and yes it's Adobe Flash.

  6. seizure warning needed

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