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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rainbow Dash Attack

Rainbow Dash Attack is a parody of the widely popular side-scrolling Robot Unicorn Attack. Instead of a robot unicorn, you play as Rainbow Dash. The music featured in this game is Always by Erasure.

No gameplay has been changed from the original Robot Unicorn Attack Game, and only a few other things have been reskinned. The game has no story, the only goal being to jump over cliffs, and not run into solid objects in order to make your points reach the highest they can. Collecting the butterfly things will give you point bonuses, along with Dashing into the giant stars.

It's Rainbow Dash!! :D

All in all, there is little to say about this game as a whole. So even though nothing has changed gameplay wise in this game, the rating I would give this game:


  1. Strange rating system on your site.. this game is not original.. this game is NOT about MLP:FiM.. this game has stars as an obstacles.. STARS?? I'd rather say it deserves 2/10.. "What were they thinking"?

    1. Playing a game for the theme/graphics is kinda like watching porn for the plot.

  2. @ Anonymous
    It's about the game play, not necessarily the theme of it.

  3. I really want an Ipod version of this to play instead of robot unicorn attack.

  4. Woo. runs quite nicely on my old dell axim, i'll have to see if it'll run on my wifes win 7 phone.

  5. This was about 20% cooler than the original. Love Rainbow's design.

  6. i love how you gotta be fast

  7. That was really fun. It was so colorful and lively. The song is cool too. I got 7182.

  8. This time I got 1144. I didn't know you could dash into the stars at first.

  9. Words can't describe how awesome this game is.