Monday, May 30, 2011

Submit your Pony Mods and Guilds! (Servers too!)

Alright! So here's the deal.
I'm going to make some extra pages to list all the pony mods, servers and guilds (I'll still make posts on them occasionally). So I'm going to need everypony to send me all the pony mods and guilds they can find! You do not have to be the creator to send the mod, please just send everything! I'd rather get multiple emails about the same mod/guild than miss one!
Pony mods are just reskins, character models, etc. that are in already made games.
Pony guilds are exactly as it says, a guild in a game for ponies.

Message Title: Pony Guild
Message Body:

Game the guild is in
Server of the game the guild is in (Also include the alliance for things like WoW)
Name of the guild
Website for the guild (If it has one)
Person(s) to contact to join OR how to join
Guild Leader (Optional)
Description or other info (Optional)

If you are sending me a server please use this format:

Message Title: Pony Server
Message Body:

Game the server is for
Server Name
Creator/Owner (Optional)
Website for the server (If it has one)
IP OR how to join/obtain IP
Description or other info (Optional)

Please send all your mods/guilds/servers to XTUX345 at, although he does take quite a while to update the lists due to some weird Blogger bugs.


  1. Oh my god, it's Tutti Frutti! She's my favorite bg character, I didn't know anyone acknowledged her!

  2. where do i click to see all the pony mods? please respond quickly!

    1. Just click mods.

    2. click the rarity by mods.

  3. What if your guild is not really for a specific game but for a console? Is it okay to submit it?

  4. I want to submit my guild but the link isn't working for me. What do I do?

  5. i want to be a mod!
    mod no!

  6. SpartanPonyCraft
    We just started and were griefed by brony haters! Wish we still had our Vinyl Scratch pixel art, but TNT took it out ;_;. Don't be quick to judge we are making CTF, survival games, and PVP arena! We have factions and roleplaying right now, but don't worry! There will be more!

  7. Crowned Royalty (cR)
    Owner/CEO/Creator cR Skittles(Royal Skittles)
    platform: Mostly Xbox 360 or cpu but primarily 360
    Games:Call of Duty Black Ops 2 and Halo 4 and many other games, we also have a sister clan on Armored Core V called the Lunarians on the NA server
    All bronys welcome and pegasisters as well. i promise you wont be hated here but welcomed and helped to troll the haters and make them leave :) our COD branch is good at hardcore and we like to mess with people using our Pony tag and emblems
    any other questions or comments please message me on XBL at
    cR Skittles and mention the EGC so i know and ill accept your friend request if you like. cR is accepting anyone who wishes to join and have someone or somepony to play with :)
    thank you for your time
    cR Skittles

  8. Hello,
    i want to intrudiuce our minecraft server.

    Server Name: Luniecraft
    Server Owner: Applejack and Skittle
    Server IP/How to Join:
    Slots: 20 - 200 depending on the need
    Current 25 members
    Additional Info: We are an international Brony server. We would like to invite all of you to join our community. Server common language is English. Our administration is German and English / American. Our server consists of the main world where we try to create Equestria in its beauty. One Pixelartsektion and Freebuild world. Furthermore, a Survival world is in planning. We have a special ranking system on the server. This means that you have to earn your rights on our main world through an examination. We want to know that whether you are suitable to build with us Equestria and expand it. If you do not want that of course you can still join and be freebuilder. So then you have also the right to participate the server RPs to move into the worlds and to build on our Freebuild World.

    If interested, get in touch with us in the forum and introduce yourself briefly in the Introduction section. The remaining information is on the the forum under Server Info.
    I hope we'll see there, I would be happy .

    Serveradmin/Owner Applejack (minecraftid: Mushroomham)

  9. In Black Ops 2 there's a clan called United Equestria on PS3 (I'm the creator so message my PSN-Yoda-1997, we just hit gold clan tag recently feel free to join) if that counts as a guild [it does in my eyes but it might not in others]

  10. In Black Ops 2 there's a clan called United Equestria on PS3 (I'm the creator so message my PSN-Yoda-1997, we just hit gold clan tag recently feel free to join) if that counts as a guild [it does in my eyes but it might not in others]

  11. We have a minecraft server: Concordia.
    It is a really relaxed survival roleplaying world, with separate vanilla survival worlds. The server is has 96 slots, at this time it is running 1.5.2 craftbukkit.
    We have a PvP arena, refilling mines in role-playing world, an odd bunch of members all of who are always welcoming.
    We are an international server that is primarily english speaking.
    If you are interested in us have a look at:
    or just dive right in at:

  12. Minecraft Pony Server
    Server name: Galactic Arc
    Server ip:
    Minecraft Version 1.6.2
    Description: We have just emerged our new Pony server, we hope people will enjoy their stay! It has towny for protection as well.