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Friday, July 8, 2011

Video Game Crossover Story Contest Winner


Alright! So after reading all of the stories, I have finally decided upon the winner! Thank you VERY much to everypony who participated, I love ALL of your stories so much! (Like, quite literally, every single one was amazing, it was so hard picking just one winner ;_; )

Anyway, The prize for winning is a 10$ Game on steam, and I believe the Brony Facebook Group is also giving away DA points for the first and second place, that will be probably figured out soon.

And for the moment you've all been waiting for...
The winner is...

By Stoneth
This World of Warcraft story was done very well, I enjoyed the writing style, and it successfully captured both the feeling of MLP: FiM, AND The realm of Azeroth. It was funny, had some action, great story, original (Especially that last part), and was just in general a really great read! I HIGHLY suggest reading it, you'll soon figure out why it won.

Runner Up (Second Place):

VR Pony Fun
By Rex Ivan

Author's Description: Twilight invites her friends over to play with a new device capable of magically sending them into various video games.

This story was a short, yet very funny parody of a handful of games. It was well written, and it gave me a good laugh. I really suggest reading it, it's great!

Thank you all so much for entering the contest! I'm really sorry if you didn't win, but this was such a hard decision! You were all such great writers with amazing stories, so don't give up! Continue writing, and maybe when I have another story contest, you can enter again!

Here is a list of all the other entries in no particular order (Well, the order I received them in, but I suggest you read them all o3o):

Ponies of the Realm
By H.P. Lovecolt
Based on the game Lords of the Realm II

My Little Pony: The Black Temple
By ThatOneBrony
Crossover with the game World of Warcraft

Portal 2 Crossover
By Mr. Tanokki
Crossover with the game Portal 2

By RaspleZS
Based on Pokémon (plus a couple other game-tropes)

By Jazelock
Crossover with Batman: Arkham Asylum

Crossover with the Touhou Project Series

My Little Pony Crossover
By Al Cove
Based on a quite popular game (Telling you would spoil it)

The Legend of Zelestia: Twilight Sparkle Princess
By Jeff P.
Based on the Legend of Zelda Series. You should probably be familiar with it to fully understand most of the jokes.
Crossover with Final Fantasy V

Super Sparkle Bros
By Omega-Chimera
Crossover with the Super Mario Brothers series

Thanks again to everypony who participated!

The Original Post
Alright! So I've decided that I'm going to hold a small contest!
The contest will be to take a video game, and somehow work MLP: FiM characters in it, or vice-versa!
Here are the rules:

-Must have at least 500 words. That is the minimum, and it can be as long as you want (Aim for at least a thousand!).
-Must have Ponies (Duh)
-Must be VIDEO GAEM related
-Nothing super explicit; meaning no excessive gore, super kinky things, or anything like that.
-Steven Magnet counts as a pony. And so does Spike.
-The story should be completed.
-One entry per person
-Please do not use an already completed story. Sorry, I thought this would be assumed :/

The prize for this contest will be any game on Steam that is under $10 :D
Here is a link to Games under $10

When you have the story completed, please submit it to me at strawberryspice@ymail.com
The message title should be 'Story Contest'
In the email you should provide the link to the story, the author name, and what game it's based off of.



  1. So your saying you can have ponies like Twilight, Applejack etc in a Game Universe (Say Azeroth?) - Or you could have game Characters such as Master Chief (Halo) in Equestria?

    Other than it's pretty open as to what you write about?

  2. i think they mean anything game related it could just be the portal mecanic from portal or a full world crossover

  3. Could they be submitted if they are already done/worked on? Because if that, Fallout Equestrias gonna win xD

  4. You say "aim for a thousand" is that the max or just a hint?

  5. please tell me 1k words is not the maximum; what i'm working on now is 1500 words and not even halfway (that is, halfway the first chapter not halfway the whole story)

  6. 1k is not the maximum.

    "Must have at least 500 words. That is the minimum, and it can be as long as you want..."

  7. I have a first part of an Amnesia crossover, but that doesnt count I guess?

  8. So all stories have to be new. Got it.

  9. Does the story have to be completed in its entirety by the deadline? This will mean any long epics will have to be cut out. So are you looking for shorter stories? Or can it be one that we've been working on and will have finished by the dealine?

  10. Doing Mirror's Edge, 6500 words and counting...

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. This sounds daunting, but maybe I'll give it a whirl. It'd be a great way to get introduced to fanfic-writing. Now to think of a game...
    EDIT: I deleted the above comment by accident. DERP! I was gonna do use StarFox as the secondary source, but I came up with somethin' much better. Just you wait, everypony...

  13. 6500 words?
    Although there is no maximum - The words 'aim for 1000' do suggest you keep it around that level.

    I would also presume you have less chance of 'winning' if you produce an unfinished piece seeing as the idea would be that any piece entered was wrote specifically for this contest you should cater to the proposed word limit ;)

  14. I've been working on a mod for a game called Victoria 2 that adds Equestria and consequently a tie-in story that explains why their there in the first place. Problem is that the games timeline is the same as our historical timeline between 1836-1936, so it would basically be an alternate history fic more than a game fic

    Basically what I'm asking is, can I still do this, or should I pick another game to write about?

  15. Hmm, a crossover of S. Magnet into Lifeforce as Cruiser Tetron, set to the tune of Rainbow Gradius? "A tacky burst of ring laser fire burnt off my Moustache!"

  16. Being told I'm allowed to write a Pony Sly cooper fic? I Love this place.

  17. funny thing. i just started a fanfic where Tank Dempsey from COD: Zombies finds himself in ponyville.

  18. Super Smash Pony is GO!

  19. I'd offer up Fallout: Equestria, but there is absolutely no way it will be done by then. -.^

    Would you accept a single chapter? ^.^ j/k

    Really looking forward to seeing the results of this.

  20. Is June 15th now the final deadline, or do we get more time? I'm currently writing on a fic specifically for this contest that at the moment is >2500 words long and I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up with around 5000. Or maybe even OVER 9000!

  21. Want to soponsor this, offering to winner from 200 to 400 DA points depending on quality of the story. If winner does not have DA account can chose where to donate those points.

    Facebook/Twitter Brony Community.

  22. Yes you do. 12:00 PM on the 20th (right before the 21st) is the deadline.

  23. WELP I'm not going to finish my story in time.
    Would it be alright to send in what we have in hopes of receiving some sort of honorable mention?
    Not prize wise of course, just name dropping.

  24. When will we know the results?

  25. I just got back, I'll read them all today and probably by today or tomorrow you'll all know.

  26. Oh you're already deciding? *facepalm* So I wasted a half hour on that Crysis crossover for nothing? .... It was still fun writing, I guess. Besides, it's my fault for not reading the comments. Although I do hope you consider giving ponies nanosuits!

  27. Is this one over? Who won? Did anyone win? heh heh. :P Needs more updates to clarify. I want to read the winner (and I think others do too). Or did you just drop it due to lack of interest? It's a bummer if that is the case.

  28. Not at all! I still haven't read all the entries! I have a pretty good idea who will win though, the stories are a LOT longer than I thought they would be ;_;

    Sorry for the huge delay with this!

  29. I wonder why Fallout: Equestria wasn't in the runnings.

  30. @Anon above me.
    It was because it was started before this contest started I think?

  31. sauce on picture plz