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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Creepypasta Game Contest!


Thanks to everypony who participated, the winner has been decided as Donitz with Story of the Blanks.
I will be linking the EqG article as soon as I finish it.

Alright, I'm sure many of you know about Luna Game and Luna Game 2. Both games are pretty creepy, but I crave for more. And what better way to get people to make creepy games than bribe them with free stuff?

This month's contest will be to create the creepiest creepypasta pony game that you can. Also, I HAVE decided that I will hold monthly contests, each will likely have the same $10 game on steam prize, but I might mix things up some months.

Here are the rules for the contest:

-Your entry must be a game. It can have as many cutscenes and be as long as you want, but you have to be able to PLAY it
-Your entry must be completely My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic related
-No porn (unless it's of me, of course *sexy pose*)
-Blood is allowed, but no excessive gore.
-You are allowed to program this in ANY LANGUAGE YOU DESIRE. As long as I can play it, it makes no difference what you use to program it
-Screamers are allowed, but be careful, they're not really as 'scary' as much as they are 'startling', so you may not win with just a screamer
-No file altering games, the first Luna Game may have had that, but that's not the kind of scary I'm looking for.
-Please try to get permission to use the things you use
-One entry per person

The prize for this contest will be any game on Steam that is under $10
Here is a link to Games under $10

When you have the game completed, please submit it to me at strawberryspice@ymail.com
The message title should be 'Game Contest'
In the email you should provide the link to the game, the creator name, and any links to images or sounds you used.



  1. It begins.

    Unfortunately I have absolutely zero game development skills so I'll sit back and wait for something to REALLY give me the chills.


  2. Sweet, Count me in, I already have a decent engine and sprites, now to get a good writer...

  3. Seriously considering entering; Just gotta think myself a good enoug Idea...

  4. I'd make something, but I can't make this in any proper way with text. So, I guess I'm out for now.

  5. @Vinyl Scratch
    The game doesn't have to have text in it, you can just make it creepy

  6. oh god i promised myself to play ALL friendship is magic games (official and fanmade), no i have to play screamer and creepy games with gore :c
    you should att the rule no REAL gore, because that can sometimes be illegal (pictures of murder, abuse ect...)
    drawing are okay :)

  7. Real images aren't allowed, because they're not MLP: FiM :3

  8. LOL... did anyone actually click on the pick of Pinkie Pie at the top of this page? Didn't expect THAT! (I may have nightmares tonight) XD

  9. I've been thinking about doing an MLP-based game for a while - there's an achievement for it after all! XD

    Still it's an awful lot of work and I'm not that experienced. A text-adventure would be easily possible, but I'd rather make something bigger...

    And: When does gore become excessive? Just showing gory pictures for the sake of scaring/startling is too much, of course, but what about ponies getting beheaded/burned/otherwise violently killed by some evil entity as part of the story? How much is too much?

    Now if only I knew how to best make a game scary... and still doable by one coder (me) in one month.

  10. @Mr. Wonko

    Too much is when you start seeing different internal body parts in detail, or images of them. the sprites, or character being damaged and stuff is fine, but I dont want to have to look at real guts.

  11. I can't wait to see what entries will be submitted. I've played all three Luna games and all three gave a pretty good fright.

    Just as long as they know that:
    -Excessive gore =/= Scary

  12. This could be quite awesome, I hope to see much better stuff than the luna games though. Something like eversion could be epic. It's what I keep hoping the next luna game will be like, then it isn't. Please no one just do gore and screamers; you can do those RIGHT (Dead space does, for a certain value of screamer) but the atmosphere and suspense are what's important (Amnesisa).

  13. Hmm... Let's see what I can do in a month. I need to finish up a book I'm reading about game programming, then this should be do-able.

  14. Well, I can make a very interesting text game. I just need to figure out how to change the font size in VB .NET which should take up no more than 10 minutes. Problem is to get smooth controls, as I want to make it text-based (I wrote an engine for WHAT?)

  15. Ugh, I have a great idea for a game... but I can't design games/get scary enough images to save my life :(

  16. Cupcakes: The Game?
    press enter rapidly to stretch Dash's wing

  17. @Fantos
    Sort of what my ideas was =P But as stated before, I don't have the knowledge to do that...

  18. @Anonymous

    I should have heeded that warning. XD
    I mean, I felt the adrenaline flood my body...

    I'm still getting the shivers, and I had to go into my parents' room because I didn't want to be alone after that. XD

  19. I love how my two images of Zalgofied Pinkie Pie are popping up everywhere.

  20. ...I wonder... was "FiM: Story of the Blanks" on Newgrounds an entry for this? It's creepypasta (8-bit horror ZOMG), it's a game, it's MLP, and, most importantly, it's DAMN GOOD. Even if it isn't an entry, whoever made it deserves some kind of award if you can find him...

  21. Actually yes it was an entry. That's why I haven't reviewed it yet.

  22. Hey hey! I don't know where you're used to talking to people, but this place is going to stay loving and tolerable. If you want to be rude and childish, you can go to 4chan.

    I still love you, just try to be nicer.

  23. @Anonymous
    Seeing as I'm female, so I'm not technically a Brony, that wasn't completely directed at me... But it was still rath offensive to plenty of friends of mine. Just because we like My Little Pony doesn't mean we're scared of everything. Don't insult people.

    And yet we're still going to love the tolerate the crap outta you...

  24. If this was posted on Equestria Daily...all hell would break loose, and there'd be like over 300 comments

  25. Hah...a completely forgot about this...

  26. So when are we going to see these games? I don't really want to wait for judging, I'd just like to play them o3o

  27. when will we be able to play the other games?

  28. There was only... One other entry...

    Yeah, you will soon. Don't worry

  29. @Straberry Spice Aw, I'm sorry you only got two entries to the contest. That sucks. I would have entered, but I can't program games AT ALL

  30. Yeah it's fine, I wasn't expecting much with a short deadline, but ah well.
    Woulda though the EqD post got me some extra contestants.

  31. What..Equestria Daily post...about the creepypasta contest? ''archives'' oh yeh...it did get featured...but no image or did it get it's own post...

  32. Hey where'd my long ass post go?
    Oh well guess i'll repost it

    Just 2 entries has to suck, Glad a true NESer found this and made an actual game with an actual ending, which basically is the first game with an actual ending and an actual storyline

    But which is the second entry? was it the Luna 4 Game?

    So if the contest is over why is the post's details with rules and everything still there?
    Are you throwing another game contest?
    And wasn't the contest suppose to end on July the 10TH?, i was waiting forever till you finally posted it

    And by the way you don't have to bribe people with small things like a 10buck game, Bronies give stuff to YOU!(At least Seth does), heck Lauren Faust's sketches got 15.000+Dollars for Asia, JESUS,so yeah they have tons of money... just for some black & grey sketches with ponies...which didn't get too much time for publicity...and btw this Site is lucky if it hits 1million hits before season 2 starts.
    The major thinghy you could offer them as prize would be a pony or season 2 info, heck Jason Thiessen could as well make everyone pay for the first episode to get leaked on youtube, and would yield like 1million dollars, with the combined stuff

    I'm not trying to bash you or anything But if publicity helps people make more awesome things then do it, heck even email me in private if you need a mass spamming with 10 different email accounts to Seth or something, it's my daily job , lolzorzs@yahoo.com

    besides that's how FIM got so popular, /B/ are the ones which major posted Ponies because they could see admins not approving of it from /CO/, these days...fans do the publicity, not the ones organizing, Minecraft was the first major proof, and now it's FIM's time to show it that fans keep the car going

    but if this contest gotten properly featured on Equestria Daily with it's own post and possibly 3 times then you would of got a hell lot more entries, and i do mean a shit load more...

    For a brony...a month is like a year...Equestria Daily has like 15 posts per day and that not even including the between the hour posts, of course something better gets introduced and people forget of it entirely

    Also bronies make things cause they're on a drug...a drug called FIM and what this drug does is make you inspirational as hell, and even nostalgic for some people, because everything get ponified these days... also the professional artists go away from their major routes just to make PONIES!

    Damn that was a long post

  33. Meh, I'm not really conserned about it. I don't really care how many entries I get, I'm just trying to make people happy, and maybe encourage a little creativity.

    No, that wasn't an entry, I'll get the second up soon (Been super busy lately).

    The post has "CONTEST IS OVER" Written in very large letters on top. I keep the original post for archiving reasons.

    I'm only Human. I do have a life outside the internet, college, work, etc. I do things when I have the time.

    I'm not bribing anyone? I just hosted a contest, something fun for people to do, and win a small prize. I don't see how you got a bribe out of that. Also, so what if I don't get 1 million before season two? I'm not going to throw down my hat and call it quits, nothing will change whether I do or do not get 1m by then.

    I don't want to spam Equestria Daily, Seth gets enough things to deal with as it is, and my site is actually fine without it.

    I assumed people liked the show because it was good, not because people spammed it everywhere. I personally thing spamming it would make more people angry than it would help gather fans.

    And what am I supposed to do about it? It's not really big news anyway, it's a small contest. And honestly? I don't really care how many entries I get. I'm just trying to make people happy, and maybe encourage a little creativity.

    Equestria Daily is a really big, general site. Equestria Gaming is a smaller site that specializes in games, which there are a lot less of then overall news. It's hard, and quite pointless to try to go for 15 posts a day.

    Yep, FiM is why I made this site in the first place! I wanted there to be a nice area for all the games out there to get their information from easily, and I sure hope that's what I'm doing. I made this for you guys, not me.

    I hope I answered a few questions you had! Though next time if you have this many, maybe emailing them to me would be better :P

  34. "Story of the Blanks" is probably the best fangame I have ever come across. Period. As a matter of fact, when explaining to someone how pixel art can be used in modern games, I used this as an example of how pixel art can make something SCARIER by leaving more to the imagination.

  35. Is there a way for me to see the list of the other competitors besides Story of the Blanks? I just finished that game and I crave more of it. No Luna please lol, I want something similar to Story of the Blanks..

    Or is Story of the Blanks the only creepypasta game that focuses more on the story than shocking screamers?

  36. http://s3.amazonaws.com/kym-assets/photos/images/original/000/149/245/Cutiemark%20Crusaders%20Ceepypasta%20Game's%20Protagonists!.png?1310839072

  37. well, this contest was successfull, because thanks to that contest, the best flash game ever was created - Story of the Blanks

  38. I can't finis story of the blanks. :( It's really fun though. :)

  39. hey just wondering, where can I play the rest of the contest entries? I'd love to check them out too, if I dare! :P

  40. OH god zalgo pie scared me! D:

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  42. It was a good choice. Story of the Blanks is for me one of the top 5 visual creepypastas ever made.