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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Legend of Celestia - Music Update!

Recently, I was notified about an upcoming Legend of Zelda Pony crossover game! The project sounds very interesting, but they're in need of some people for the team!
Right now the applications for being a part of the team are being denied until further notice, the team is full! But don't give up, they may need help in the future!

Anyway, have come copypaste:

Legend of Celestia will play on an engine based off of Link's Awakening or the Oracle games in the Legend of Zelda series. 
The storyline of the game is *very* loosely based off of the second episode, in which Princess Celestia has been taken away and Nightmare Moon has taken over. However, the modifications are only to make the game playable. 
Our goal is to make a Pony/Zelda crossover. We want to make a Pony game that has the Zelda feeling to it. Or a Zelda game that has a Pony feel and theme. 
All dungeons are based off of locations from the show. The character rescued at that dungeon has a notable relation to that place - for example, Rarity was kidnapped by the Diamond Dogs, therefore her dungeon is the mines; Or, earlier in the game, Pinkie Pie went to the Buffalo Camp to rescue Spike, so her dungeon is the Buffalo Camp. The bosses in the game are all antagonists from different episodes that all have a notable 
connection to the location - for example, Froggy Bottom Bog's boss is the Hydra; the Diamond Dog Mine's boss is a trio - Spot, Rover, and Fido; and Everfree Castle's boss is the one and only Nightmare Moon. 
Information on items is still fairly vague, but there are currently plans on the Boomerang, in which Twilight throws and returns to herself via magic; the Cupcake, which gives Twilight a temporary sugar rush - recovering a tiny bit of health while increasing speed a tiny bit and adding a very slight chance of Twilight taking no damage from a monster. This effect lasts only a minute, and no cupcakes can be consumed during that time; and the Hover Hooves - mystical horseshoes (Or maybe socks for those pony-in-socks fans) that use magic to repel the player off the ground and into the city of cloudsdale, but can only be used in Ponyville.

Also, here is an exclusive sneak peek at the title theme! (The image used for the song and the site will be changed in the near future)

It's... *sniff* It's beautiful...



    Finally, its happenig!!!

  3. Awesomeness.

  4. Thanks for posting this! Now, thanks to you, the dev team is full! ;)

  5. Really excited for this. But I think a better name would be My Little Epona: Music is Magic. Just sayin'.

  6. At first I was like "Oh a Pony/Zelda game, cool"
    But then I saw the bit about the engine based on Awakening and the Oracle games.

    And then I was like "ZOMG!" "insert M. Bison quote"

  7. This there sounds a bit like Final Fantasy, I sill love it.

    I'm a big fan of Zelda crossovers :D

  8. Yeah, it does sound a bit like Final Fantasy now that I think about it. Allow me to clear some stuff up.

    Legend of Celestia won't have a team, only you.
    The Legend of Celestia series will usually have you exploring the world without a team (the second game is an exception, but your teammate is only there to make the story run smooth. She won't really fight)

    The Elements of Harmony won't be used to beat Nightmare Moon, only to give you the Element of Magic. That 6th element will be used in the Moon fight, but it won't be the only item. We'll try to make it use a few items (If that doesn't make the fight any less enjoyable).

    Also, this blog post is rather out of date. We've made the game engine based off of A Link to the Past and the Hover Hooves won't appear. Instead, we'll get help from a certain pink pony.

  9. I can think of one person that might be able to help out with this project. He goes by the Internet name UndyingNephalim, and he's really good from what I see. He's currently working on Legend of Zelda RTS at the moment, though.

  10. I could help! (email: rasy-hqkamvar@hotmail.com)