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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Equestria Daily: The Game now on Android

Download it Here!
That's right - Equestria Daily: The Game, a production of Equestrian Innovations: Game Division, and AirGlow Labs, is now available on the Android for free, with iOS capability just around the corner. Some of you may remember our review of this game by Nitrouspony, based off a video made by Cereal Velocity parodying the amount of email submitted to Equestria Daily every day.

You can still play the game here at Nitrouspony's DeviantArt. Equestria Daily: The Game is still a work in progress, and has added some new features since it was last reviewed, such as menus, an intro animation, and tutorial of sorts. It's still worth a play even for those without Android devices, in my opinion.


  1. Can I get the .apk file for my kindle? I can't get the standard Marketplace on it without rooting. Dx

    1. Perhaps you could request one on the author's DeviantArt page?

  2. > game not playable on your device
    buck you, samsung galaxy 5!

  3. need to not be a flash game if its a phone game, flash support is still in its infancy on phones

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  6. I truly love this game.It's additionally rather addictive (that is a good thing,as you may already know).I don't have any significant issues; yet the capacity to tap anyplace to shoot and not simply the right most fifth of the screen would be a good addition.Insufficient of an issue to bring down its appraising however.Runs with no issues on my Nexus 7.
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