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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Brohoof Summer Sun Celebration 2012

Brohoof.com's logo

Brohoof.com is hosting yet another Minecraft event, and you know what that means! Tons of partying, tournaments, quests, etc, and if their past events have been any indicator there might be a hostile invasion or two. It started at 12:00 PM and should last for about 3 hours, although chances are the event might go far over the petty limit if enough people attend and stick around for long enough, as the limit is somewhat flexible. There's also a post over at their forums with far more detailed info as to what you can expect, which can be found here.

Why not go on and be a part of the fun, eh? If I recall correctly the server IP is mc.brohoof.com (and if that doesn't work there is always as a backup), so if you own Minecraft then you really have no excuse for not attending.