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Pony Guilds

Disclaimer: This page is no longer actively updated, and is only kept around for archival purposes. Guilds listed may or may not be active any more.

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ABP Reloaded
Server: US WEST
Guild Name: Pretentious Ponies
Joining: Contact Shame17

Server: US East (Joker)
Faction: Criminal Clan
Guild Name: Friendship is Bullets
Joining: Contact JamieFreeman

Server: Joker (NA East)
Faction: Criminal
Guild Name: The Nyxian Alliance
Joining: Contact Blackjack12

Armored Core V (Xbox360)
Server: EU
Guild Name: New Lunar Republic
Joining: Contact Darius1205 on XBLN if you are interested.
Guild Leader: Darius1205
Additional Info: Starting up a team for anypony that loves ponies and mechs. Mainly to have fun, chat about ponies and get to know some more fellow Bronies. Due to how this game is made there is a maximum of 20 people allowed in the team allowed. Everypony is welcome, not just Luna fans. Also, due to split servers only european players are allowed to join.

City of Heroes
Server: Virtue
Guild Name: Elements of Harmony
Joining: Contact Glittering Duck (global: @Chakat Streak )

City of Villains
Server: Virtue
Guild Name: Shadowbolts
Joining: Contact Lunar Mare (global: @Chakat Streak )

Combat Arms
Guild Name: Bronies Unite
Joining: Contact bturn1 or email him at bretturner19@gmail.com

Faction: White
Guild Name: United Equestria
Additional Info: Ranks among the top 100 allegiances in the game, and is nearly in the top 50 by membership count.

DC Universe Online (PS3)
Server: The Killing Joke
Faction: Heroes
Guild Name: Equestria Girls
Joining: Contact mbulsht at mbulsht@gmail.com or log onto our server and message either Burning Pyre or Tiaran.
Guild Leader: Burning Pyre
Additional Info: Our league, Equestria Girls, was founded to be a place where Bronies can unite together and hang-out ingame. EVEN MORE INFO

Group Name: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Joining: Click on the blue "Join this group" button.
Group Leaders: XTUX345, Techna

Group Name: BronySwag
Joining: Click on the blue "Join this group" button.
Group Leader: CosmicDashie, Flutterz, Lagmobile

Dragonica (EU Version)
Guild Name: Bronies
Joining: Contact Avity or Avitysan
Guild Leader: Avity
Additional Info: A guild that spreads love and tolerance. They accept everypony and encourage others to watch the show.

Server: Luclin-Stromm
Guild Name: School for Gifted Unicorns
Joining: Contact Mesostrong ingame, on the site or on their thread over at http://www.ponychan.net/chan/g/res/93465.html
Guild Leader: Mesostrong
Additional Info: Just a casual guild, but looking into Luclin-Stromm alliances so that higher-level players can raid.

Everquest 2
Server: Antonia Bayle (US)
Faction: "Good" (neutral and evil characters still welcome)
Guild Name: Cutie Mark Crusaders
Joining: Send a tell to any member or email me at ManedWolf422@gmail.com
Guild Leaders: Jairen, Auranel, Crystiene
Additional Info: While they are on an RP server they are not specifically an RP guild - they do love and tolerate though!

Server: Currently in beta, they have a "chapter" in most parts of the world.
Guild Name: The Herd
Website: http://theherd.freeforums.org/portal.php, also has a steam group at http://steamcommunity.com/groups/The-Herd
Joining: Explained on the website.
Additional Info: The Herd is a fun-loving, somewhat crazy pony gaming clan. They are mainly focused on Firefall, although they play many different games together such as Minecraft, Terraria, Star Trek Online, and a very active Teamspeak 3 server that they own.

Guild Wars
Guild Name: The Brony Brigade
Joining: Contact the guild leader Fazareza Reborn or an officer (there is currently only one, Haruki Izuna).
Guild Leader: Farazeza Reborn
Additional Info: Just be kind and keep it cool (so just be yourselves). Fairly new guild, so we're not very active yet. The leader intends for this to change in the near future.

Guild Wars 2
Server: Jade Quarry
Guild Name: The Greater Brony Alliance
Joining: Go to the website provided (Open to any and all: no request will be denied!).
Guild Leaders: Xersist and Sarda the Sage
Additional Info: Public Brony guild welcoming all that wish to join. They are looking for other guild to join them so that they can show a true presence and community in Guild Wars 2. If you are the leader of a Brony guild please contact them on their website or at 20perCoolerGamesLive@gmail.com.

Server: Desolation
Guild Name: Royal Night Guards
Guild Leader: Ekips
Officers: Sevoria Zahra, Queen Chrysalis
Additional Info: Open for everypony at the moment. Even though the name indicates love for Luna it does not mean that they love Celestia less.

Server: Blackgate
Guild Name: Clothing Optional [CO]
Website: http://clothing-optional.guildlaunch.com/
Joining: Message Rainbowdashh or Fluttershyy ingame or on the forum
Guild Leaders: Rainbowdashh, Fluttershyy

Server: Fort Aspenwood
Guild Name: Everfree Crusaders
Guild Leaders: Butterfly, Lortarn
Additional Info: Everypony is welcome as long as you are civil!

Server: Isle of Janthir
Guild Name: Friendship is magic
Joining: PM one of the leaders or send an email to fruitytoast@gmail.com with the header "GW2 Guild Invite Request".
Guild Leaders: Fruitytoast, Matussa, Vaussler, Gixx Gearbreaker
Additional Info: Friendship is Magic is a newly formed guild looking to expands its community in Tyria! We are open to Bronies and non-bronies alike: everypony equal, everypony welcome!

Server: Sanctum o Rall
Guild Name: Ponies of Tyria [PONY]
Website: http://poniesoftyria.guildlaunch.com/
Joining: Submit an application through the site or send an ingame message to either Ga P Trixie, Ms Fluttershy, or Miss Derpy Hooves.
Guild Leader: Great and Powerful Trixie, Derpy Hooves

Server: Crystal Desert
Guild Name: Friendship is war
Joining: Email monkeywraith@gmail.com (subject line "friendship is war") or message monkeywraith.8731 ingame.
Guild Leader: Twilightsparkles (monkeywraith)
Additional Info: Guilds and contacts in general are cross-server, feel free to add me as a friend and/or join regardless of what server you're on.

Server: Dragonbrand
Guild Name: Equestria Flux
Website: http://www.equestriaflux.tk/
Joining: Join the site and talk to Cloud Windfoot Omega about the game, or mail Cloud W Omega ingame.
Guild Leader: Cloud W Omega (ingame), Cloud Windfoot Omega (website)
Additional Info: Equestria Flux is a Brony hangout expanding to gaming, with Guild Wars 2 being the first game in which they will situate a guild. But they can't make it happen without you! Join them to help make Equestria Flux a better place, and in case you're interested they apparently have movie nights on Fridays.

Server: Darkhaven
Guild Name: The Solar Empire
Guild Leader: Prince Solaris
Additional Info: TSE stands in honor of her majesty and rightful ruler in this new, unknown land. Join the armies of light to smite those who wish to bring the darkness!

Grand Chase
Server: North American
Guild Name: Bronies
Joining: Contact FlameZillaX
Guild Leader: FlameZillaX

Halo 3 (and onwards)
Server: The gamertag associated with the event will be listed on their site.
Guild Name: The Canterlot Spartan Army
Joining: You can join through their website, or barring that you can contact one of the leaders either through XBL or through email at tartanbehemoth@gmail.com with the subject line "CSA".
Guild Leaders: TartanBehemoth, Monkey Ears (Hydra)
Additional Info: The group is focused on fun, casual gaming as well as a mutual love for My Little Pony. Just be ready to teamkill at the end of the match, ;D

Kingdom of Loathing
Guild Name: Kingdom of Ponies
Joining: Contact sinez or just apply at the clan area.
Guild Leader: sinez
Additional Info: Everypony welcome! The only requirements to enter are maturity, tolerance, and a will to succeed.

Guild Name: Keg Ponies
Joining: Apply directly through the clan recruiter or contact Fantastapotomus to be a whitelisted pony.
Guild Leader: Fantastapotomus
Additional Info: A guild where friendship is magic and magic is beer! Who doesn't like the sounds of that, eh?

Lord of the Rings Online
Server: Arkenstone
Guild Name: Royal Pirates of Belfalas
Joining: Contact Randious,Mandaline, Aishaka
Guild Leader: Randious

Maple Story
Server: Windia
Guild Name: Equestria
Joining: Contact StevenMagnet
Guild Leader: Contact StevenMagnet

Server: Bera
Guild Name: [L]unarRepublic
Joining: Contact SapphireShor
Guild Leader: SapphireShor

Server: Nova
Guild Name: Equestria
Joining: Contact Kynami123
Guild Leader: Kynami123

Server: Nova
Guild Name: Ponyville
Joining:  Contact AmazingBrony or ElegantBrony
Guild Leader: AmazingBrony

Server: All
Guild Name: Equestria
Joining: Contact TheFurryTank
Guild Leader: TheFurryTank

Server: All
Guild Name: Pwny Chat
Joining: Just type "Pwny Chat" into the friends chat field
Guild Leader: Jagex
Additional Info: Be mature(ish), follow all of Jagex's rules and respect the moderators.

Spiral Knights
Guild Name: The Lunar Legion
Joining: Flaming Cockatrice on Steam, Sheith ingame, or any officer found online at the time ingame.
Guild Leader: Sheith

Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles
Guild Name: The New Lunar Republic
Joining: Contact Neopopulus on the Space Time Studio forum or with your in-game name.
Guild Leader: Xeon
Additional Info: Doesn't have a guild hall yet but they're working on it.

Star Trek Online
Guild Name: United Equestria Space Fleet
Joining: Send an in-game email with your name@handle to Big Macintosh@garibismark, Luna@Ponygore, or Celestia@xenicazanos
Guild Leader: Big Macintosh/Light Shine
Additional Info: The largest Brony fleet in STO! We're the friendliest fleet out there, and hope to unite all Brony STOers under the united flag of friendship! We have our own IRC channel and a steam group is in the works.

Trickster Online
Server: Jewelia
Guild Name: Elements of Harmony
Joining: This post (join forum): http://ggftw.com/forum/trickster-online-guilds/99282-my-little-pony-r-new-guild-elements-harmony-jewelia.html
Or: http://forum.ntreev.net/trickster/forums/p/65441/426985.aspx#426985
Guild Leader:xBreeze in-game, Michellex0x on Xfire, michellex0x on Steam, michelle_caswell on Skype, MichelleMC on ggFTW forums. Please only contact these for Trickster/Guild related reasons.

Valor HD
Guild Name: War is Magic
Joining: Search "War is Magic"
Guild Leader: 8bit

Server: Int Server (Remington)
Guild Name: Lunatics
Joining: Contact the staff members that are listed on the forum.

World of Tanks
Guild Name: 20th Equestrian Royal Armored Division
Joining: There are no requirements.

Guild Name: Royal Equestrian Armor Division (READ)
Joining: Submit a request through the official site and somepony will accept it asap.
Guild Leader: derpy_hooves
Additional Info: Has another website that it shares with the ERAD: http://www.armoredequestria.net/

Server: North America
Guild Name: Equestria Defense Force
Joining: Send application w/ best pony.
Guild Leader: Jarroc_JV

World of Warcraft
Server: US Sargeras
Faction: Horde
Guild Name: Elements of Harmony
Joining: Contact Tzirah, Iroh, Ditzydoo, Applebloom, Gilda, Braeburn, Valanarro, or Promontory for an invite.

Server: EU Darksorrow
Faction: Alliance
Guild Name: Equestiran Order
Joining: Whisper Appledash and flutershy

Server: Moon Guard
Faction: Horde
Guild Name: Friendship is Magic
Joining: Message Pinkiepïe for an invite, or send an im game mail. (The special character is alt+139)

Server: US Area 52
Faction: Horde
Guild Name: Friendship is Magic
Website: http://friendship-is-magic-52.wowstead.com/
Joining: Contact Guild Master or guildies, or sign up via website with time of day played.
Guild Leader: Munnia
Additional Info: This guild is a Horde guild for fans of MLP:FiM who don't wish to transfer to the Alliance or to a PVP or roleplaying server to play a Horde character in a pony guild. Read guild rules on the site if you wish to apply.

Server: Anvilmar
Faction: Alliance
Guild Name: Rise of the Phoenix
Joining: Send a request through the guild browser or send a message to any online members.
Additional Info: This guild has been inactive for a long time but is now trying to repurpose itself as a guild for fans of MLP:FiM.

Server: Nazjatar
Faction: Horde
Guild Name: Equestrias Finest
Joining: Contact Cliahm, filthyrich or send a guild invite request.
Guild Leader: Cliahm
Additional Info: New pony guild that was created and wants you to come on over and make some new friends.

Server: US-Deathing (PvP)
Guild Name: Maximum Brohoof
Joining: Contact Bg or any member over level 30 to join.
Additional Info: They are looking for folks to fill the stables, and hoping to get players levelled and ready at least  by the time Mists of Pandaria launches so they can raid, dungeon, party, quest, decorate cakes and PvP.

Server: US-Arathor (PvE)
Faction: Alliance
Guild Name: <Friendship is Magic>
Website: http://mlpfim.freesmfhosting.com/
Joining: In-game message or mail to Littlepip (GM), or the officers Pokeypierce, Defahn, Asheras, Twlitesprkle, Braéburn, Soarin, or Octavia.
Additional Info: <Friendship is Magic> is recruiting for patch 5.0! Come join the biggest Brony guild on WoW. We raid (full clear DS and 1/8 H DS) quest, party, and do a little PvP on the side. Get those new toons leveled up in time for the release of MoP and play with the new class abilities coming in the new patch!

Server: EU Khadgar
Faction: Alliance
Guild Name: The New Lunar Republic
Joining: Contact the leader at haolam12345@gmail.com or whisper rainbowshy ingame.
Guild Leader: rainbowshy
Additional Info: This guild was made so Bronies could have a place to have fun while playing WoW.

Server: Bloodhoof
Faction: Alliance
Guild Name: Cutie Mark Crusaders
Joining: Contact Mihaly, Kleinetod, or anyone above the rank of "Silly Filly" to join!
Guild Leader: Peachy Pastel (Kleinetod, Mihaly, and a bunch of other alts in the guild)
Additional Info: The Cutie Mark Crusaders is a pony-friendly questing, dungeoning, raiding, and PVP guild that strives to have a great time without being mean to one another. We're located on one of the OLDEST servers in WoW (Bloodhoof) and want to build up an AWESOME reputation for the kind of gamers we ponyfolk are! That said, we do prefer that our members act maturely, though some mischief is completely okay. :D Officer positions are handed out as your time spent here is shown to be positive and constructive, so participate and play fair and you'll be sure to get one soon enough.

Server: Kirin'Tor (US)
Faction: Alliance
Guild Name: Cutie Mark Crusaders
Joining: Contact Aerris, or Dérpyhooves (alt-0233) via message or Ingame mail, Or search for us Via Guild finder! You can also E-mail the leader at Derpy3086@yahoo.com!
Guild Leader: Aerris or Dérpyhooves (Alt-0233)
Additional Info: Active level 8 guild with a strong, though small group of core members, we have enough for a good strong 10 man team for the upcoming x-pac, and are always looking for more friendly and kind bronies!