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Pony Mods

Note: This page is sorely out of date, and is not actively receiving updates. If you'd like to see a mod gets its own news post, send it to the submissions inbox.

Table Of Contents

Baldur's Gate + Infinity Dale
Civlization IV:Beyond the Sword
Dwarf Fortress
Garry's Mod
Half-Life 2
Silent Hill 3
Super Smash Brothers Brawl
Team Fortress 2
Victoria 2
World of Tanks

Baldur's Gate + Infinity Dale

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Party
Created by Saber-Scorpion
Custom portraits, voice sets, and character files for the Infinity Engine games (Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale) based on the Mane 6. Voice files are recorded from Season 1 of MLP:FiM. Portraits are humanized ponies drawn by the creator. Characters in the provided savegame feature modded colours to better match the show.

Civilization IV:Beyond the Sword

Equestrian Empire (alpha)
Created by Farsight
Adds the Equestrian Empire with two leaders, a unique unit and a unique building.

Dwarf Fortress

My Little Fortress
Created by Nidokoenig
Adds a new creature, the Little Pony, with six castes, Earth, Pegasus and Unicorn in both genders, and a playable pony civilisation.


Garry's Mod

My Little Pony Ragdolls
Created by Oogaboogaman
The Mane 6 along with Derpy Hooves, ready for G-Mod Fun!
Please don't reupload them anywhere else, this download link works fine, and many sites will only cause problems if you do.
They were created using this model pack


Half-Life 2

My Little Pony:Crowbars are Magic
Created by AnomalousMaterials
MLP: CAM will be a Half Life 2 zombie shoot-em-up FPS, along with the Combine. You will play in various My Little Pony locations including Ponyville, Canterlot, and the Everfree Forest.



Mine Little Pony
Created by Verdana
A mod that adds models and textures to make all players look like ponies. Pegasi can fly and unicorns use magic to make held objects hover in front of them.


Silent Hill 3

Created by Shadow Dash
A reskin of Heather from Silent Hill 3. To install, unpackage Heathershy.rar, backup the data file in your Silent Hill program file (located at "C:\Program Files\KONAMI\SILENT HILL 3\data" or someplace like that), and take "chrpl.arc" and put it in your data folder.

Super Smash Brothers Brawl

To use SSBB texture mods, you can go HERE to look for the guide. (you need homebrew for loading textures)
(PS, I know nothing about modding SSBB, so don't ask me anything)

Captain Falcon Brony Textures
Created by Lionman
A texture pack to dress Captain Falcon in several different pony themed outfits

Celestia and Luna Ice Climbers
Created by Mink
A texture pack to dress the Ice Climbers up in Celestia and Luna themed outfits

Pinkie Yoshi
Created by Mink
A texture pack that gives pink Yoshi Pinkie Pie's cutie mark

Rainbow Dash QT Mark Samus
Created by Mink
A texture pack that gives Zero Suit Samus Rainbow Dash's cutie mark on her back

Wonderbolts Pikachu
Created by Mink
A texture pack that give Pikachu a Wonderbolts suit

Scootaloo Puff
Created by Mink
A texture pack that makes Jigglypuff the same color as Scootaloo

Lyra Marth
Created by Mink
A texture pack that gives Marth Lyra's cutie mark on his cape and recolors him to be the same as Lyra

Fluttershy Marth
Created by Mink
A texture pack that gives Marth Fluttershy's cutie mark on his cape and recolors him to be the same as Fluttershy

Big Macinchu
Created by Mink
A texture pack that recolors Pikachu to make him look like Big Macintosh

MLP FIM Music in Brawl format (Brstm)
A bunch of different MLP FiM Songs converted into SSBB format

Team Fortress 2

Because of the HUGE amount of mods for TF2, they have all been compiled on it's own website:

You can also find the Ponychan thread to post new mods below:

TF2 Sprays - 
A bunch of Pony Sprays for Team Fortress 2


Terraria Pony Sprites
Created by JackBread
Reskins players and NPCs to look like ponies, along with a few other things.

Victoria 2

Equestria in Victoria 2
Created by NovaCoru
This adds the full nation of Equestria, plus a bunch of flavor events and decisions to the game.

World of Tanks

FiM Cast GW-Tiger

Rainbow Dash VK 1602 Leopard 
20% Cooler Version

Rainbow Dash BT-2 
Sonic Rainboom Edition

Rarity StuG III
Now with 20% more horn!

Pinkie Pie KV

Derpy Hooves KV

Fluttershy KV

Applejack Panzer IV
Do not own tank, did best I could. Cutie mark is on side of the turret.

Pinkie Pie T-54
Do not own tank, did best I could.

Rainbow Dash T-44 skin
Created by TankT9
Rainbow Dash skin for T-44 medium soviet tank