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Pony Servers

Disclaimer: This page is no longer actively updated, and is only kept around for archival purposes. Servers listed may or may not be active any more.

Also, if you are looking through the servers for a certain game, don't just join the first one listed. They are not listed in any specific order, so look at them all and find which one is best for you!

Table Of Contents

Ace of Spades Armagetron Advanced
Battlefield Bad Company 2
Call of Duty Black Ops
Counter Strike Source
Garry's Mod
Halo Custom Edition
Killing Floor
Mount & Blade: Warband
Team Fortress Classic
Team Fortress 2

Ace of Spades

Server Name: Sham's Little Pony
Server Owner: Sham
Additional Info: This server is operated by the same folks that run the Armagetron Advanced server below.

Armagetron Advanced

Server Name: Applejack's Super Awesome Brony Server
Server Owner: trevor
Website: http://fluttergames.tk/ and https://www.facebook.com/fluttergames
Server IP: Join the server through the public server list or custom connect to Port: 4534
Additional Info: Armagetron is an open source 3D Tron clone.

Battlefield Bad Company 2
Server Name: MLP: Combat is Magic
Server Owner: Lucky
Server IP:
Additional Info: This server is part of the MLP: FiM Steam Group
MLP: Combat is Magic | Bad Company 2 | 24/7 Rush

Server Name: UMLP FiM - BaseRape & QuickSpawn - All Maps - 24/7
Server Owner: USM666
Server IP:
Additional Info: Welcomes Bronies and non-Bronies alike, is accepting admins, and does not allow hackng or cheating. Basically it is your typical Bad Company 2 server, except "base raping" is allowed (whatever that is).

Call of Duty Black Ops
Server Name: CoDBlops Server
Server Owner: FillyFlasher/DerpyHooves
Server IP:
Additional Info: This server is part of the MLP: FiM Steam Group

Server Name: MyLittleNuketown
Server Owner: FlashyIX
Server IP:

Counter Strike Source
Server Name: CSS US Server
Server Owner: Moiph
Server IP:
Additional Info: This server is part of the MLP: FiM Steam Group


Garry's Mod
Server Name: Gmod US Server
Server Owner: Moiph
Server IP:
Additional Info: This server is part of the MLP: FiM Steam Group


Server Name: My Little Pistol:Teamwork is Magic
Server Owner: Nightmare (or Lucan)
Server IP:

Halo Custom Edition
Server Name: Friendship is Halo
Server Owner: Party_Grunt
Server IP:
Additional Info: Current map rotation:

Killing Floor
Server Name: Killing Floor Server
Server IP:
Server Password: LEGION
Additional Info: This server is part of the MLP: FiM Steam Group

Mount & Blade: Warband

Server Name: ZZZOMG123
Server Owner: Admiral Applejack/Vojox Boggyman
Server IP: Use the server browser in-game

Server Name: Minecraft Server
Server Owner: Pinkie Pie
Server IP:
Additional Info: This server is part of the MLP: FiM Steam Group

Server Name: My Little Minecraft
Server Owners: Blake380, Indoah, SpiritSai
Server IP: localhost:25565
Additional Info: Part of the MLP Team Central Steam Group

Server Name: Hunbrony/Hunpony International Minecraft Server
Server Owners: bm4hli, balagexp
Website: hunpony.hu
Additional Info: 0-24 hosted server, located in Hungary.

Server Name: Brohoof
Website: www.brohoof.com
Server IP: Brohoof.com (or if that doesn't work)
Additional Info: A Minecraft replica of Equestria!

Server Name: CelestiaCraft
Server Owner: Ivyleaf1212
How to Join: Download Hamachi (Unmanaged) and join one of the following networks:
Mine Little Pony Server
Mine Little Pony Server 2
Mine Little Pony Server 3
Server IP:
Additional Info: Is a freebuild, creative server. More info should be read on the website.

Server Name: SimplyBrony
Server Owner: William Little/trainby5
Additional Info: A simple creative free build server dedicated to nothing but My Little Pony pixel art, buildings, and more. It is a server built to be simple for all players; no ranks that you have to get in to, no special commands that you have to know...just login and start building!

Server Name: EquestriaCraft (EQC)
Server Owner: DigitalPon3
Server IP/How to Join: Go to the website and read the rules (???)
Additional Info: Equestriacraft is a brand new Minecraft server with a loyal and loving community, and on the server they are trying to create the most accurate recreation of Equestria ever. Of course, they can't do it on their own, and they would like your help to make it as accurate as can be.

Server Name: BroNY
Server Owner: Mentor_Auditore
Server IP:
Additional Info: The creator said I should give the server the description "Awesome! Bronies 4 Life!". I don't think so... =P

Server Name: Bronycraft.com
Website: www.bronycraft.com
Youtube Channel: MCBronycraft
Server IP: Coming soon!
Additional Info: A hybrid Survival server with one of if not THE largest canon Equestria Map (6 real life km between Ponyville and Manehattan). Focuses on RP, Adventure, and Community. Are working on a full MMO like system with abilities and classes ranging from Unicorn to Griffon with abilities. Currently under construction, and will open to the public soon.

Server Name: Pinkamena Maniac's Minions
Server Owner: AnnieTheEagle
Server IP: http://www.annietheeagle.com:25567/

Server Name: FsPcCraft
Server Owner: Aroo_konas (ign Fluttershy) and Princess__Luna__ (ign Cadence)
Website: http://fspccraft.me/
Server IP: fspccraft.game.nfoservers.com
Additional Info: Roleplay/Survival minecraft server made for bronies, by bronies. Every time you log on, you will usually find people roleplaying different campaigns  Several famous locations of Equestria (Ponyville, Cloudsdale, the Chrystal Empire and Chrysalis' Hive) are currently under construction. Adventure, political struggles among factions or maybe just eating pie in Sugar Cube Corner with your friends. A complete world of technicolor ponies awaits you. Best enjoyed with the Mine Little Pony mod and Love & Tolerance texture pack.

Server Name: Equestrian Realm (EqR)
Website: http://equestrianrealm.com/
Server IP: mc.equestrianrealm.com, apply for whitelist at http://equestrianrealm.com/
Additional Info: Equestrian Realm is a role-play server where you play as a pony. Build your original character and then set off in the expansive land of Equestria meeting friends and foes alike. EQR lets you choose your own race (Earth Pony, Unicorn, and Pegasus), each one is unique and has its own advantages and disadvantages. This ties in with EQR's leveling system in which you unlock special abilities when you reach certain levels. So whether you're leveling your character by killing monsters in the Everfree, making friends in Canterlot, or collecting resources in Farlands, EQR is a fun and friendly environment for everypony.

Server Name: PonyMC
Server Owner: Ioncann0ns
Website: http://ponymc.com/
Server IP: play.ponymc.com
Additional Info: Our goal is to provide a fun, friendly, Minecraft environment in the theme of My Little Pony. All our servers are custom-modded to adhere to the My Little Pony theme while providing fun, unique gameplay.

Server Name: Z Server SMP
Server Owner: z_neumann
Website: http://mczserver.webs.com/
Server IP: zneumann.dyndns.org or mczserver.dyndns.org
Additional Info: Supposedly a great 24/7 server with 50+ plugins, great staff, great community and great pixel art ponies. Join them today or Z_Neumann will eat your face off.

Server Name: Sheep On Fire
Server Owner: TaliaMoonhorn/firewyvern31
Website: http://www.sheeponfire.net/
Server IP:, although you have to join the forums to get whitelisted.
Additional Info: This is the mane server of the sheep on fire community, which consists of 2 servers atm (more to come) We are using plugins like the Pon-3 Gaming Pack, Demigod and Iconomy.

Server Name: PON-3 Gaming Minecraft
Server Owner: Cyrushehe (James)
Website: http://www.pon3gaming.com/
Server IP: mc.pon3gaming.com
Additional Info: The PON-3 Gaming Servers! (Currently Minecraft only.) Their Minecraft server uses custom coded classes with various abilities just for them! Look through our class tutorials to see what they do at http://pon3gaming.com. They run a map of Equestria built by their wonderful members, as well as quite a few management plugins that allow them to reverse any griefing that may happen to you. They look at everything put in the suggestion forums, so feel free to tell them your ideas!

Server Name: Cupcake Factory
Server Owner: Phluffington
Website: http://www.facebook.com/groups/350656928304116/
Server IP:
Additional Info: A pure vanilla survival server.  Bronies are welcome, give praise to thy New Lunar Republic.

Server Name: MineLittleBrony
Server Owner: TechnoXTL
Website: http://minelittlebrony.forumotions.com/
Server IP: minelittlebrony.no-ip.org

Server Name: Equestria Royal Guard
Server Owner: Fros7bite
Website: http://www.equestriaroyalguard.com/
Server IP: mc.equestriaroyalguard.com:25565
Additional Info: Towards a brighter future!

Server Name: [UKoE] Survival and [UKoE] Creative
Website: http://www.ukofequestria.co.uk/
Server IP: You have to join their forum and make 10 posts before they will give you the server IPs. Jerks.
Additional Info: Two servers with friendly staff and an awesome community, the forums also have meet-ups within the UK and a dedicated podcast to go with it.

Server Name: BCBronies Minecraft server
Server Owner: jerzmacow
Website: http://dynmap.hopto.org/
Server IP: bcbronies.hopto.org
Additional Info: This is a Canadian Minecraft server primarily for bronies around British Columbia. The server is located in Vancouver. Bronies from other locations are welcome, but the farther away the more lag there will be.

Server Name: JLuigiJohn
Server Owner: JLuigiJohn
Website: JLuigiJohn.com
Server IP: JLuigiJohn.com
Additional Info: This Dedicated 24/7 Server works off of a white-list, to be white-listed, contact JLuigiJohn@yahoo.com with your IGN (in game name).

Server Name: Cloudsdale Gaming
Server Owner: N1Chris
Website: http://cloudsdalegaming.mcfrag.net/
Server IP:
Additional Info: A small friendly brony server and community just starting out and looking for nice members and some awesome roleplayers. Builders encouraged. FREE COLORED NICKS AND PONY CLASSES!

Server Name: RealmsOfDiscord
Server Owner: DeadPool_115,Razgreezell
Website: http://realmsofdiscord.enjin.com/
Server IP:
Additional Info: We are a Mini-game based server, and currently have Parkour, Survival Games, Mob arena, and skyblock.  As well as, Factions PvP, and a Creative pixel art world!

Server Name: Spartan Pony Craft
Server Owner: SpartanFilms (~Erik)
Server IP:
Additional Info: We are a 24/7 server with multiple CTF game type and arenas, factions, creative world for the talented ones :), survival world, and more to come! We were just griefed by some brony hating server named WitherCraft, I think that's what slim said, and lost multiple other games like survival games, and PVP arena... Terrible day :( But we are a new server that was out for a week trying to fix all the problems, so give a chance, and we could make it a happy place for all! Vinyl Scratch will greet you at the second spawn :D

Server Name: Ultimate My Little Pony
Server Owner: USM999
Website: http://ultimate-mlp.com/
Server IP: mc.ultimate-mlp.com
Additional Info: Supposedly better than Brohoof in every way because it lacks rules. It has a nice website, but I kind of doubt that it really is all that better. The guy did have the audacity to send in a 3 paragraph description, with lots of canterlock scattered inside it.

Team Fortress Classic

Server Name: My Little TFC Server
Server Owner: DerpyTails
Server IP:

Team Fortress 2

Server Name: TF2 US Server
Server Owner: Moiph
Server 1 IP:
Server 2 IP:
Server 3 IP:
Server 4 IP: 215:52.148.197:27035
Additional Info: This server is part of the MLP: FiM Steam Group
The third server is a Server Mods server, (Prophunt, ZF, Dodgeball!) it is suggested you download the map pack FIRST: http://gamingmasters.co.uk/prophunt/PHResourcePack.zip

Server Name: Ponyville Team Fortress 2
Server Owner: Rainicorn
Server IP:
Additional Info: This server is part of the MLP: FiM Steam Group

Server Name: VS Saxton Hale Mode - Stephen Merchant's Hotel
Server Owner: Kris
Server IP:
Additional Info: The server is hosted in the United Kingdom making it great for any European bronies to play on. Eastern seaboard US/Canadians usually get around 90ms - 120ms in terms of latency.

Server Name: Cloudsdale | Stay Gay Pony Girl
Server Owner: Rainbow Dash
Server IP:
Additional Info: Trying to get more regulars on the server, also would like to get the steam group listed if at all possible. 
Would like to have more people in the steam group really, we also have a blog that's listed on the page.

Server Name: Pony Fortress 2: Equestria
Server Owner: DragonLight
Server IP:
Additional Info: Custom Modded with MLP:FIM theme and up to 32 players!

Server Name: Friendship Fortress
Server Owner: ★Twilight Sparkle★
Server IP:
Additional Info: U.S. East Coast server, 22 slot. Vanilla TF2. Currently developing pony related maps as a server exclusive!

Server Name: The Zen Room: Rocky Horror Pony Show
Server IP:

Server Name: DeRpY's MuffinTastic Orange Server
Server Owner: =DeRpY=™
Additional Info: This server is part of the Derptf2 Steam Group
Somewhat of a new community, and needs a higher population. Is also an "Orange Server" which means they play on orange maps.

Server Name: Vs. Saxton Hale

Server Name: dj pon3s club [trade]

Server Owner: alphaslime
Server IP:
Additional Info: This server features the map mlp_dj_pon3s_clubV4.

Server Name: Brony TF2 Server
Server Owner: floogulinc
Server IP: tf2.brony.in
Additional Info: They have primarily orange maps on their server, and you can get more information about them at their website.

Server Name: Multiplay EquestriaForever Server
Server Owner: KeeperOfWell
Additional Info: It would be best to make an account first on the site before hopping onto the server so you can be alerted as to when they are having events, as well as help them plan them.

Server Name: MLPchan  :: TF2 32 man
Server Owner: !!Applejack (MLPchan.net admin)
Additional Info: The TF2 server for the pony imageboard MLPchan.net - open to all!

Server Name: [TheOutpost][BaF][BotOPST] Bronyville ^_^
Server Owner: RD1981
Additional Info: This server mostly runs
pony maps with some custom and some regular mixed in.


Server Name: MLP:FiM Terraria Server
Server Owner: Bloodglory
Server IP: terrariamlp.dyndns.org
Server Port: 7777
Server Password: mlpfim
Joining: Email terrariaserverwhitelist@gmail.com - In the email put your IP address (www.whatismyip.org) and a link to your Steam profile and you will be added to the whitelist.
Additional Info: This server is part of the MLP: FiM Steam Group

Server Name: Brony Server
Server IP: bronies.dyndns.org
Server Port: 7777
Server Password: Follow the Directions on THIS website to learn how to obtain the password.
Additional Info: The official thread for this server is located HERE